Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's on the DVR?

A quick housekeeping note before we dive into our final lunch before the long holiday weekend.  

For ease of reading, we decided we would include a small photo of our ruggedly handsome faces before each passage so you would know who was speaking. We're smart and on the ball like that. So for John, you'll see this:
And for Matt, you'll see this:
Isn't that a fantastic enhancement? In corporate terms, it was a quick win and a chance to take care of some low hanging fruit, not to mention, a chance to leverage existing technology in a new and forward thinking way. But I digress.

Wegman's was beyond chaotic today with the upcoming holiday so there was little time to fret over our lunch choices. Grab what you can as quickly as possible and get the hell out of there. I'm not even sure what I ate today and that never happens.

Lunch conversation started out with us laughing at the customers shopping below us (we eat overlooking the produce section) who were crashing into each other like the bumper cars on the boardwalk at Seaside Heights (yeah buddy). It quickly moved to what shows are currently on our DVR and why we love them. 

I'll let Matt share with you first. 
I have to agree with John about today's lunch menu, nothing too exciting, just an abundance of sodium nitrate on bread (i.e. ham, salami and cheese). Yeah, lentils were not on the agenda. 

So let’s talk about my TIVO. My DVR is as eclectic as my iPod library (where you'll find Manilow, Guns N Roses and Jay-Z and others I'm too embarrassed to say and would make you ask if I'm a man or a woman). 

My show list:
Inside The Actors Studio - This show keeps me close to feeling like I'm still connected to learning the craft of Acting. It can get very serious, very intense (sometimes I yell at the TV about the students that are so intense and say "OK Stop" you douche) and at times very funny. Every guest has such a unique story and history of how they became a star that I can't seem to get enough. 

Person of Interest - I have a man crush on Jim Caviezel. Period. The character is tough, smart and able to get out of any predicament the storyline calls for (Yes, I must admit at times this gets annoying and you want to see him lose an arm or something to keep it real). Plus, the shows locations are all NY & NJ. Very cool. 

The Rosie Show - Yeah Yeah Yeah. Call me what you want. I'm giving her a chance to see if it's "Oprah quality" since I used to record her show as well. Not bad so far but not sure I'm all in just yet. If she says that she's from Long Island one more time I might just "check out" for good.

Take it away John:

My show list:
Sister Wives - the dynamics of polygamy are beyond fascinating and I could watch for days. I need to see how it is determined which wife the dude will be with each night and why. Is it a rigid rotation? To watch he and his wives "court" the 4th wife left me in awe. A must watch.

An American Horror Story - you've never seen a more disturbing, bizarre and all around "wrong" show. I cannot fathom how they get away with what they do even on cable. Just know there is an evil baby who lives in the basement who was constructed from body parts of other children. 

Beavis and Butthead - it has returned and is better than ever. My wife laughs at me laughing like a 17 year old but it kills me every time. I still say it is in the top ten of best comedy shows of all time. 

Matt putting Rosie on his list has me a bit concerned and we'll have to work that one out over the next few weeks. Maybe taking over Oprah's studio (no idea why I know this) will work magic for her but I'm not buying. 

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday and I'm sure Matt and I will share what went down at each of our home's during the "feast". 



  1. My TV has no connection to the outside world (YAY), I watch a series when it comes to Netflix. Currently I'm entranced with Bones and looking forward to seeing last season and this season!

    I'm probably showing my age/gender and I don't want to be insensitive to you guys...however, I would not watch any of the TV shows either of you are watching. Give some British stuff, like Foyle's War or Frost or Midsomer Murders or Prime Suspect or The Vicar of Dibley or Absolutely Fabulous and I'm definitely there! (I can watch at Netflix and don't have to have yucky commercials interrupting every 2 seconds)!

    Looking forward to hearing about your Thanksgiving LUNCHES!

    Like the photos above who's talking!

  2. that's give "me" some British stuff

  3. I love American Horror story and True Blood!


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