Monday, November 21, 2011

The foods we hate

Yesterday we were not only back to work, but also back to lunch. Even though Matt and I only sit only one row away from each other in the office, I think we purposely avoid each other so our lunch conversation will be "fresh".

The Monday drive to lunch is our chance to catch up on each other's weekend. The conversation is all about our kids activities, what we did with our spouses, where we ate lunch/dinner (shocker) and of course, fantasy football. We are both sports fanatics and in the blink of an eye, we can start reciting the starting lineup for the '79 Mets.
What's really funny, is that our "weekend in review" abruptly ends the moment we walk through the automatic doors at Wegman's. Once we cross the threshold into the most heavenly of supermarkets, we go our separate ways without saying a word to each other. It is all business as we independently decide on our respective lunches. I've come to notice that we each circle all of the lunch stations at least twice before any decisions are made. Then, there is about a ten second delay as we absorb all of the information we've just taken in. And then boom! ... we make our food purchases and move on.

Lunch for me:
Cajun Kettle Salad with extra chicken - the wheat croutons alone are worth it
Sun Chips - need that crunch
Some bizarre green tea concoction - I'm convinced it will allow me to live to 100

The main topic of conversation was the foods we hate that most people typically love. My top three:

1)Milk - this goes back to 1st grade when I watched a friend throw up their milk right at my feet. I've never recovered and probably haven't had a glass of milk since the early 80's. I also remember our chorus teacher saying it causes phlegm while singing and that sealed the deal for me. Nasty.
2)Mayonnaise - the thought of the smell has me dry heaving as I type this. I remember friends in college telling me they would smear my face in it if I got drunk enough and I made sure that never happened.  
3)Coconut - it ruins everything it touches and gets stuck in my teeth
For me (Matt), I don't turn away much, but these top 3 turn me off faster then having to watch an episode of "Khloe & Lamar":
1) Anything Peppermint - Peppermint Chocolate, Peppermint tea, Candy Canes..No. No. No.
2) Liverwurst - Never liked the look of it, never could tell if it's soft where you could spread it on bread and get sick just by seeing how thick it needs to be sliced. I'll pass.
3) Black Licorice - Makes me nauseous, sick and wanting to know who invented this disgusting a#% candy. Bring on the Strawberry Twizzlers instead.

We would love to hear your feedback on this topic. What foods make you violently ill?



  1. Hi Lunch Men...none of the foods I intensely dislike are on either of your lists, except maybe the Liverwurst (just looking at the photo was enough to make my stomach start convulsing). I intensely dislike: boiled chitterlings, souse, rutabaga, parsnips (I didn't make these up and my Mom did make me eat the last 3). When you're done hurling let me know and I'll send the clean up crew!

  2. Some scientists believe that there is a link between those foods that we violently dislike and those that make us sick.
    Seems that our bodies will recoil by the sight of these foods or will vomit them up after we ingest them.

  3. 1. liver anything
    2. most cream sauces/soups - something about hot milk (although I love a freezing cold glass of straight up 1%)
    3. tuna casserole - bad childhood memories
    4. chicken stuff - my husband's famous concoction of rice, cream of chicken soup and a can of chicken. Why exactly do they need to put chicken in a can?

  4. T&B - admittedly, I don't know much about the first few on your list but the names alone have me dry heaving. Although, I do like parsnips.

    Allan - I was reading something similar about cilantro and some people are predisposed to despise it and others not. Interestingly, I love cilantro and Matt does not.

    Anonymous (bet that's not your real name) - tuna casserole, that might have been next on my list. Warm tuna and mayo = nightmare!


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