Friday, September 21, 2012

Stop eating a-hole

I need this blog, I really do. 

I need to use it as an outlet when I get uncontrollably annoyed by people on a daily basis. 

I have a calm and cool demeanor on the outside, but inside, I can become infuriated with all of the dopes I witness; be it in the grocery store, on TV, walking by me on the street or reading about them on TMZ. 

So I will use this blog more often to voice my frustrations and hopefully get others to chime in on why we are right, and everyone else is wrong ... or dumb ... or a complete friggin jackass.

Today's rant originated while at lunch at Wegman's yesterday but it actually goes back to my childhood. 

We're talking deep shit here.

I cannot handle people (usually dopey dudes) who eat while they are food shopping or picking up their lunch. Seriously, you can't wait 45 seconds to pay for your food so you can then enjoy it?   

There was a guy in full business attire thinking his shit didn't stink who was browsing for his lunch options. He had like a 25 pound bag of pretzels open and he was eating out of the bag like a caged animal.

Really dude? You're that f'n hungry?

Not to mention, it will be difficult for the cashier to scan that bag now that it is open. You didn't think of that "Mr. world revolves around me" guy, did you? You're an idiot.

Most people probably don't notice this type of a-hole but these are the things that make me nuts. I can remember shopping at Pathmark as a kid with my parents and there would be a bunch of whiny brats walking around with an open box of these animal crackers:
I would beg my parents to do the same and the answer always was "no". It may have pissed me off at the time but I thank them for standing their ground. I have denied my kids the exact same request. We don't need another "pretzel guy" walking around, do we? Have some respect for the store and the people who work there.

That's all for today. I feel better.

I'm sure Matt will have a rant soon so be on the lookout for it.



  1. Shouldn't the title really be: Stop eating, a-hole? I mean otherwise are you just saying Stop eating ass?

  2. Thanks Alex....I was a little confused and initially wondered EXACTLY where John was headed with this one.....

  3. Get your head out of the gutter ... that post is for another day. I don't need no stinking commas.

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