Thursday, November 17, 2011

For $100, would you ...?

Lunch is always a good time.

No matter what else is going on in our world, Matt and I make a point to not have it drag down our lunch. That hour is sacred and must be treated as such. Some days are mellow and laid back, while others are more lively and spirited. When those "fired up"days are here, lunch at Wegman's moves to a whole new level. Today was one of those days.

I got in a solid workout last night so I was in full on "delusional bodybuilder mode" when choosing what to eat.
All I was thinking was protein. I loaded up on tandoori chicken (the best), chicken and broccoli and hot and spicy chicken. Have to feed those muscles. My brain says I'm 24 and on the road to looking like The Rock. The mirror says I'm 39 and losing muscle mass by the minute. But I won't go down without a fight.

Let me now hand it over to Matt:

unfortunately was not looking for the protein because I worked out earlier in the day. Nope, not me. I have not touched a dumbbell or attempted a push-up in about 2 months and boy does it show. However, I should be getting the "Eye of the Tiger" back any day now.
I always pick the perfect time to start a diet - right around the holidays. I know, dumb.

Anyway, I needed something to follow up breakfast which was high fiber toast with organic cream cheese. I wanted something different today, no "cold cuts" or pizza with a bag of sun chips and diet Mountain Dew; nah, I was tired of that. I went out on a limb with the Chicken Caesar sandwich (of course taking some of the bread out cause I'm watching the carbs), a bag of Terra Blue chips (3 grams of fiber) and a beverage that has moved up on my list  - Cherry Coke Zero. I know "What a stretch Matt!".

Back to you John:

So we sat down to eat and immediately got into our absolute favorite back and forth game of "Would you do [blank] for [blank] dollars?". A simple game that has been around for ages but one that we take very seriously. You have to answer in a well thought out manner no matter how ridiculous the act may be. Yes, it can get real "wrong" at times but that is what makes it interesting. There is no "C'mon dude, that's nasty, no way I ever do that.". Every option must be answered with full effort and the reason why you would or would not perform said act. Here we go:

Example 1
John: For $100 cash, would you ask the older angry guy that sits two aisles over from you where he got his shoes and ask him if he could order you a pair?

Matt:  I would definitely do it but for $400 or more. My fee would also include asking him if they make his feet sweat.

Example 2
Matt: For $50 would you sit wearing a clown nose for the whole lunch hour and talk to me as if nothing is wrong?

John:  I would honestly wear an entire clown costume for an order of wings. People are scared to death of clowns so they would look the other way and avoid eye contact. I kind of dig that concept.
Example 3
John - For $50, would you ask a complete stranger to borrow $10 without giving a reason why?

Matt - I wouldn't ask anyone at work because if the person I ask tells one person then people will talk and suspect I'm like an addict or something or as creepy as the "IT" picture above. If you put me on the streets of NYC, where nothing seems to amaze anyone, I would go for it and feel confident that I could get at least one person to feel bad for me.

For now, I'll refrain from sharing some of the more "salty" discussions we had. It may require you to sign a waiver before you can read it. Maybe we'll put out a book on it some day.

Hope you enjoyed the hell out of your lunch today.

John and Matt


  1. There's not much I'd do for $100.00, so I'll have to think about what I would do for that amount! I would do the shoe thing and even the clown thing, which obviously are the tamer things you two discussed! For lunch I had decaf. French Vanilla coffee (grind my beans), a bowl of Kashi cereal and 2% milk!

  2. For $10 I would do the shoe thing, because I'm a flirt, for $100 I would do the whole clown outfit and walk around the joint asking each table if I could borrow their condiments. The pan-handle thing-I could not do, it would make me feel dirty. But for $100 I would walk through the grocery store covered in mud. Go figure!-Pamela

  3. Theanne and Baron - first off, that lunch doesn't sound filling enough. We need to add some wings with your Kashi (which Kashi by the way?). I would be more likely to wear a clown suit then the shoe deal, you have to see the guy we are talking about.

    Pamela - welcome and thank you for participating! The mud thing is interesting, i'd be concerned they would throw me out for the mess and we couldn't go to our beloved lunch spot any more.

  4. The Kashi is Heart to Heart ~ Honey Toasted Oat...I rarely if ever eat meat, so not sure about those wings. And you're right it wasn't filling enough!

  5. Heart to Heart is the best! It's a staple in the Markowski household.


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