Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Man Crush

During the most sacred time of the day (Um yeah, that would be lunch), John and I will definitely have your typical male conversation. Discussing the Housewives of NJ, ravioli stuffed with butternut squash and whatever new wonder food or remedy Dr. Oz mentioned on his last show.

But when we're not talking about all those masculine topics (stuff you would typically hear on a Saturday afternoon at the salon), we move into a territory that most men shy away from and discuss two words - "Man Crush".  Yes, we have the b@lls to admit it!

Man Crush
1. When a straight man has a "crush" on another man, not sexual but kind of idolizing him.

Yes, I admit it, I do have a few "Man Crushes". I'll start with the one guy who started us on this topic. If you had a thousand guesses you would never get it.

Name: Jason Cameron

Who the hell is this you may ask? - The show is called "Man Caves" on the DIY Network. I took notice one day when I was watching the show and heard in my head Bette Midler singing "Did you ever know that you're my hero, and everything I would like to be?". Because it was true, he was everything I wish I could be. This rugged fella knows just about everything when it comes to building something from scratch (Total opposite of yours truly). Knows every power tool, jigsaw, nail gun and then some. Not to mention the huge arms and perfect physique (which on the show goes totally unmentioned). If I was a girl, I'd have your poster in my room right next to Rob Lowe's.

Next up......

Name: Todd Zeile - Ex NY Met

Todd always struck me as a guy that had everything. The skills to be a MLB player, incredible head of hair, awesome 5 o'clock shadow (even better then George Michael in the "Faith" video), a calm presence about him and plus he was a NY Met. How could you go wrong? On top of that, since retiring from MLB, Todd's taken his dashing looks to Hollywood to start an acting career. We're talkin "Bromance" material for me!!  


Wow, didn't see this coming. I should let Matt go it alone on this one.

OK, fine, I'll bite.

Here's how this "man-crush" topic really started.

We were driving back from lunch one day this past summer and I was going on and on about my love of landscaping/gardening. I told Matt which shows I watch and he asked me about "Desperate Landscapes". I told him the show was beneath someone like me who already knew so much more about landscaping than them. He then uttered the following line that will stick with me forever:

"Did you see the guy (Jason Cameron - see above) that hosts that show? He is 'velorgeous'."

Now some times, we'll say things to each other purely for shock value. But this wasn't one of those times. He really meant it and even invented a word to express his feelings.

After I spit up my tandoori chicken in his front seat from laughing like never before, I came to realize Matt just made a bold move. He was comfortable enough to share the fact that another man was handsome. And why the f not. Please tell me we have evolved enough as humans/men that we can safely admit when another man is "velorgeous". Matt and I have and we have no problem admitting our man crushes from time to time. We are that damn evolved.

So it would only be fair if I shared my man-crushes with you all as well. Here goes:          

Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers goalie:    
If my wife were to leave me for him, I'd wish her well and just ask that they leave me tickets to a few games. Seriously, he is a star on my favorite hockey team, has a phenomenal five o'clock shadow (which I am incapable of growing), McDreamy like hair and a demeanor like the guy on the Dos Equis commercial. Am I right?

You know what, after I watched the show 24/7 on HBO, which went behind the scenes with the New York Rangers as they prepared for the Winter Classic, I realized I might have a "team-crush". These dudes are humble, play hockey for a living and are quite dapper. 

Take Dan Girardi for example:   
I'd sell one of my children for that jawline and cheek bones.

Or Brian Boyle:
Dude is 6 foot 8 inches, has phenomenal hockey hair that sits just perfectly even after he takes off his helmet  and again, has that killer jawline. 

So what do you think, are you impressed by our honesty or a bit uncomfortable? Will you start using the term "velorgeous"? Let us know.



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