Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What the hell is a "tablette"?

Today would have been the day to have a hidden video camera follow Matt and I around Wegman's. Even we were embarrassed as we heard ourselves kvetching. But we'll get to that in a minute ...

I've had a few stressful days at work recently so the lunch choice was easy; two "plain" slices and three wings. I can only eat carbs when I'm stressed and I didn't feel like thinking too much. Fold those bad boys up and crush them.

Matt and I then shopped a bit as we had some time to kill. Without saying a word to each other, we headed to the candy/chocolate aisle. 

We're in sync like that. 

Matt is obsessed with scanning the bar codes on all foods he purchases but for the first time, a product did not work. This product was some bizarre french chocolate bar. In order to properly calculate how many calories were in this "la decadente dessert" Matt read the label on the back. That didn't help a bit. If you look closely at the "portion" size, it is determined by each "tablette"?         

Is a tablette one square? Two combined? The entire bar? This was a critical determination and we debated it for several minutes while shoppers looked at us in disbelief. What the hell are these two buffoons talking about?

I'll get to the "tablette" topic in just a second....

Hearing John say he has to pick up a few things for home before we leave Wegman's is music to my ears. It not only makes lunch feel a little bit longer, but it gives me a chance to dabble around the candy aisle for a dessert I'll plan to devour at around 3pm at my desk. Yes, we are like two old lady's conversing and walking through each aisle looking for the "Sweet of the day".

Back at the office I always hate having to be the one when everything is quiet opening up something to eat while everyone else is typing away writing emails as if their life depended on it. Having to unwrap the packaging and making all that crinkling noise bringing attention to yourself really makes me feel like I need to be sneaky.

Because I could not make up my mind about any one treat, I bought dark chocolate, walnuts and 100 calorie packs of almonds. I will admit I never opened any of it. "I swear I didn't do it"

Yes, it is quite comical using a bar code scanner from a cell phone app to count your calories. I feel like a super market cashier every time I have to eat. I'm thinking of installing one of those self service checkout machine's in my house like they have at Home Depot since this seems like one of the best ways for me to keep track of calories these days.

Now back to the "tablette" situation. I was definitely thrown for a loop when this particular bar of chocolate was not scanning for me. What? Not possible, everything should scan right? Wrong. This sucker was some new fancy schmancy chocolate to hit the shelves and I was not a happy camper. How does this French chocolate company expect someone like myself (a professional bar code scanner) to know how fattening this is and how much a serving is equal to?

First of all, my personality and the word "tablette" do not go with each other, but I figured it was something new and I wanted to investigate a lil bit. What genius said let's write "tablette" and "2 servings per container"? Container? Who refers to a chocolate bar as container? (John included pic above). Ridiculous and frustrating.....since I really wanted to try it.

Anyway, due to the poor nutritional value labeling on the fancy schmancy chocolate, I was forced to go with my fall back plan and choose Hershey. Look how nice and easy they make it for their extra dark chocolate. "3 blocks = 160 calories". "Total Calories per Bar 440" if you are having a real bad day and eat the whole friggin thing. In this case plain and simple won.

See how involved a simple search for dessert can be? That's how we treat all of our food choices. Good times

I'll add one more item for today.

The most comical part of our daily trek to Wegman's and back is when we head back into the office with our purchases in hand. Anyone walking by can clearly see our coffee filters or our granola bars or our tartes or our French chocolate sticking out of the Wegman's plastic bags. Without fail, we get a second glance that screams "What are you guys, 75 year old ladies?".

Guess what? F off and go eat in the cafeteria.


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