Thursday, December 8, 2011

Like two old ladies

We were bad ass yesterday. We left for lunch at 1:30, not our usual 11:55. Bout that? Who says we're not flexible in our old age?

Truth is, we were both totally thrown by the later departure. We talked food the entire drive to Wegman's and started to map out our lunch strategies before we even set foot in  ... Heaven. The problem is, it's difficult to make rational food decisions when you're that friggin hungry. Everything looks good but it so easy to end up with food regret when all is said and done. Yes, we take it that seriously.

For me, it was a mix of the Asian and Indian buffet bar. I piled that shit in there like you wouldn't believe. Sesame chicken piled on top of tandoori chicken piled on top of a vegetable spring roll ... and some broccoli which played off of all of the chicken nicely. A protein orgy that I'm still recovering from.

Yes, the 1:30 departure had me so hungry that I was looking for old crackers that have been in my desk since 2005. I would have eaten them even if they were out of the packaging. After making our 1:30 grand entrance into Wegmans I went for a little bit of my own "combo" platter. A few pieces of peking pork, John's favorite tandoori chicken, scoop of vegetable fried rice (hey it says vegetable), topped off with 3 pieces of broccoli (had to color coordinate the meal) a mini egg roll (mini means barely any calories in case you did not know that), with my #1 beverage, diet Mountain Dew. Yeahhhh lets go find a seat to enjoy all of this happiness.

After lunch, we put on our girdles and did some shopping.

The full Wegman's experience.

As expected, Matt immediately headed to the supplement aisle. He's looking at glucosamine in the photo below and just to prove how well we know each other, I know he's making sure that shellfish is not listed as one of the ingredients. Apparently, he would break out in hives and foam at the mouth if he ever ate a shrimp or a piece of crabmeat.

The "serious consumer face" he was pulling here was priceless and I couldn't miss out on it. Even more priceless was the look I was getting from the pharmacists as I took this picture. All in a day's work:        

John mentioned that he needed to pick something up after lunch so we headed down to do a lil shopping.

He said in a very low tone "I need to get something for these friggin lips". I said to myself OK maybe you can get a flavored chap stick or something to go with your earrings. Sure enough my partner never lets me down. Being somewhat health conscious, he finds the most non-masculine healthy remedy "Pomegranate Lip Balm". Are you kiddin? Anyway, it went perfect with his skirt.

What? All dudes don't use lip balm with pomegranate oil? You can't imagine how glorious my lips feel as the pomegranate sinks in. Fine, a little soft on my part. I get it. But damn it is exquisite.

During our lil shopping excursion I made my dessert choice and went for something that I knew would satisfy my craving for sweets. It helped with the non-stop coffee craving, fake sweet taste (sugar free of course) along with it being some kind of candy. Something only a tough guy from the Bronx would get. See for yourself.

The cover makes them look like you need to 2 people to lift one out of the bag, but when I opened it up they might have been the smallest candies I've ever seen. Werther's "Sugar Free" Caramel Coffee hard candies. They pack a punch let me tell ya.

My confection of choice blows away Matt's choice of Werther's. Are you kidding me? I think my grandmother used to give those to me in church back in the 80's. And I'm still picking them out of my teeth.

I went with something decadent and smooth and silky. The combination of chocolate and raspberry is divine so I opted for the following:  

In the fanny pack it went to be enjoyed later at work.

Ah, the full Wegman's experience was had. Now time to head to Bingo at the local VFW building.


  1. - The men in my family talk about food and recipes when they are not talking about hockey.

    - Ghiradelli dark with raspberry is my favorite, too.

  2. You guys are always good for a good LOL. Thanks for that.


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