Monday, December 5, 2011

Let's talk "overrated"

We went to Wegman's for lunch today. The End.

That would be the story for most. Eat lunch out of necessity and then back to work.

Matt and I, on the other hand, have turned it into our own personal variety show. We love our food and all and can talk about it all day, but I think lunch hour represents a chance to just riff on whatever the hell we want. Very few people we interact with understand that concept. Coworkers give us that smile that says "Aren't you two middle aged adults cute going out to lunch together each day. Do you carry each other's books to class too?" Guess what? We like it, there's nothing homoerotic about it and it affects you in no way. So do me a favor, move on. Thank you.

I won't bore you with the food details today, but will let you in on our topic du jour. It was all things "overrated". It ranged from foods, to movies, to music, to holidays. I'll let Matt start it off with his top 3.

1) Angelina Jolie - OMG, I cannot stand when her name comes up. "Oh she is just beautiful". I cringe when I hear that statement. Now I'm not saying she is ugly, but jee whiz let's get over it. I get it, no sh$t she's this and that. If she is so beautiful then why is it that for the past 3-4 years the only time her name is included in a movie credit is being the voice in a "Kung Fu Panda" movie. Please. Now Sofia Vergara...that's another story.

2) New Year's Eve - I really love the holidays. This day though is the beginning of the end for me and I'll tell ya why. #1 Christmas is over = Sad, #2 have to go back to work right after New Years day = Sad, #3 "Auld Lang Syne" - I get choked up every time I hear it = Sad, and last but no least #4 I have to hear everyone's New Years resolutions. Everyone goes out to join a gym. Everyone joins Weight Watchers. Smokers buy the Electronic Cigarette. Everyone updates their resume and everyone starts a new money management plan. All down the drain in week to 10 days...

3) Madonna - Not sexy. I can't remember her last good song. Voice stinks.

My top 3:
1)Seinfeld - go ahead, rip me a new one. I get it. I know I am in the minority with this one but I've never laughed once the few times I've watched the show. Jerry does the same schtick over and over, George annoys me to no end and Kramer with the sliding into the room, just not funny to me. Runner-up: Cheers - Was Norm really that funny or interesting?

2)U2 - another case of blasphemy, I know. They just bore me to death. The older stuff was decent but only went in the wrong direction as the years went by. I can only hope they continue to fail miserably with the Spider Man project. A little ego in check would be nice. Runner-up: Dave Matthews Band - zzzzzzzzzzzz

3)Crab cakes - maybe I've never had one prepared the right way, but I'm always disappointed whenever I eat one of these. I hear people rant and rave about them but I always find them a bit tasteless. Very little bang for the buck. Runner-up: French onion soup - c'mawn, it's about the cheese only.

How 'bout you all? What do you find overrated?                


  1. okay, here we go:
    1) Halloween - A bullsh*t holiday if there ever was one. The kids are rude. Most don't even say trick or treat, let alone please or thank you. I drop $400+ on cany where I live so a bunch of whiny overentitled brats can come begging? Some of the teenagers don't even dress, yet still expect candy.

    2)3-D - When was the last time it was executed properly? I can't recall. Half the 3-D movies were filmed normally and the 3-D efects were added in post; which means it really is just another way to squeeze an extra couple bucks out of moviegoers. Plus, it's been around since the 50s and we still have to wear those ridiculous glasses.

    3) You want blasphemy? Field of Dreams - it was boring! It was silly, self-indulgent, nonsense and it was boring. Did I mention that it was boring? I am a baseball fan, in case you are wondering.

    Nice post gentlemen! And by-the-by John, thank you...Dave Matthews Band sucks!

  2. Crab cakes have too much potato and not enough crab fish. Also, it wouldn't hurt if Cajun sauce were added to the mixture before cooking.


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