Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Time to vent

Matt here:

I know you're probably saying that all John and I do is complain about how we hate this and how we hate that ... well you're right.

But it’s our duty as men in our 40’s to be grumpy, annoyed, furious, agitated, bugged, irked, troubled, ticked off, displeased and flat out pissed off once in a while(ok maybe a little bit more than just once in a while). 

Believe it or not, we find laughter in everything and that is what gets us through the day.

But being angry and annoyed is when we are at our best, so I wanted to share with you some quick bits of frustration for today.

John here:

Sorry to cut in Matt. But after previewing your "frustrations", I got all fired up too and just had to add my thoughts on top of yours.

So for ease of reading, Matt's angry thoughts are first in bold, and then I added my comments after.

Now onto to the anger release:    
  • People who walk around with a pen behind their ear. Do you really write that much that you need to be ready at all times? In this day and age with technology where it is, unless you are a contractor and need a pencil to measure, this should never happen . Almost bad as carrying a murse (man purse for the uninformed).     
  • Food shoppers in front of me who have 894 coupons during checkout. Where do they find these coupons and who are these people that still cut these out? Are they just buying it to brag about the 4 cents they saved or is it an absolute need? I watched Extreme Couponing once on TLC and hated every single "couponer" with a passion. They hold up the lines for hours and terrify the checkout peeps all in the name of scoring 487 cases of Tic Tacs. You have not accomplished anything and have nothing to be proud of jackasses. 

  •  Zits that just won’t pop but we insist on trying over and over making it worse. I know gross. I won't touch this one with a ten foot pole ... or a Clearasil pad. 
  • Why do we call them love handles? Not seeing the love at all. Matt - I looked this one up and turns out the "love handles" are used for grabbing a hold of during coitus. Yes, I used the term "coitus" and feel ill after doing so.    
  • What’s the right way to wear a baseball cap these days? Do I go old school, new school, curved brim, flat brim, tight, tilted or straight ahead? Easy one, you stick with how your generation wore them. For us, it is a slight bend in the middle like we wore in the late 80's, early 90's. Not like Felix Hernandez wears today, slightly turned to the side
  • Anyone eating potato chips within a 5 mile radius of me. The crunch sound (soft or loud) hurts more than having to watch the NY Mets play another game this year. Ditto, and if said person throws them in their mouth like a pelican, double the pain. 
  • We have got to stop the texting while driving. How much money do you think you would make if you drove around for 2 hrs just looking for people who text while driving? $20 a car – My guess….$500 easy (I think I can find about 12 people an hour). You know I’m right. And there is your PSA for the day.   
  • OK, so trying to keep things positive here, cause I am all about positive energy (wink). I will tell you one thing I absolutely love ... ya ready?…….Those little green plugs you get at Starbucks that you insert into the tiny hole at the top of your coffee cup so the coffee won’t spill. Brilliant idea. I’m sure that’s all built into the price of my $4 coffee. I have no idea what Matt is talking about here cause I "keeps it real" and only buy coffee from Fair Trade companies and only organic. Matt, you need to be more of a careful shopper. Deeply ashamed.

There you have it! Hope you enjoyed my venting. I did Matt, thank you.

Don’t be shy to comment and add one of yours below. You know you have a few. 


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