Thursday, October 4, 2012

Random thoughts

John here:

I wanted to provide some light reading for you all today to show it's not always about ranting and raving, bitching and moaning. We have a light side too.

For instance, Matt likes to sew in his spare time and can't get enough of those adorable kitten videos on Facebook.

I tinker with scrap booking and can create the most beautiful fresh cut flower arrangements.  

So without further ado, here are my random thoughts for today (in bold) and I "allowed" Matt's commentary to be included as well.

What he doesn't know is that I added my commentary to his commentary. Deep huh? Enjoy:   
  • Does anyone count each deodorant stroke under their arms to make sure the left and right arms are getting equal coverage? Yeah, me neither. Do you count each stroke when you're painting your toenails also? I never count, I lather it on like Benjamin Moore paint in the fear that I may sweat at some point during the day. More importantly, do you know the diff between anti-perspirant and deodorant? Get back to me on that one.   
  • How is/was it ever legal to purchase Gobstoppers? Kids are a lock to choke on them immediately. I know, but how incredibly good are there? I can go through a box in no time. However, the fear of chipping a back tooth and agonizing in pain if that happens scares me more than the movie "Paranormal Activity". This says a lot since Matt has told me he is frightened by the old Scooby Doo shows (sans Scrappy Doo).   
  • Has a story from The Onion ever been funnier than this? Great article. Their articles are so convincing at times that I have to remind myself they are not real. I guess if “They’re not going to take it”, is Foreigner now going to say they realized they “Don’t wanna know what love is?” No exaggeration, Matt has Foreigner on his workout play list. How's that for contemporary?  
  • How did this scene get deleted from the movie Step Brothers? Classic Will Ferrell at his best. Frustrated, funny, straight face comedy. Classic line in this clip “A f’king wallet?” We have watched this scene together at least 75 times. 
  • I am a monster NHL fan, specifically, a New York Ranger fan, and the thought of the season being lost to a lockout is unthinkable. So what will I do? Drink more Stone IPA and pray. Wish you the best here bud, but my hockey knowledge goes as far as just seeing how much Ron Duguay resembles Jon Bon Jovi. A future post will explore Matt's unhealthy obsession with Mr Bon Jovi and George Michael. I kid you not.   
  • A new pet peeve - people who wear ties when they are clearly not a requirement. Are you that much better than all of us? Do you think you will actually stand out and be rewarded in some way? It's more likely you will be looked at as a "tool" and ignored for the rest of your life. Enjoy. I always envisioned the “Tie” wearing guy to be a very old school 1970’s kinda guy. The salesman type. A guy that still has a moustache, glasses and wears shoes that involve a buckle of some sort. I'm still working on obtaining a pic of Matt and his bolo tie. It's all kinds of awesome.  

Until next time ...


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