Monday, October 31, 2011

A tame Monday lunch

This past weekend was very odd. Here in New Jersey, we were hit by an out of nowhere snowstorm that knocked down trees, knocked out electricity and deposited about seven inches of snow in my neck of the woods. It was very surreal to see flowers covered in snow and Halloween trick or treating was in doubt because of the conditions. 

That oddness carried over to our lunch today. As usual, we braved the elements and set out for Wegman's:

We left closer to 12:30 rather than our usual 11:55 but I managed to shake that one off and wasn't too pissed at Matt for not planning his meetings better. Priorities buddy, c'mawn.  

The conversation on the ride to lunch was rather vanilla today as it was a lot of "Can you believe all this snow" or "I had a friend who had a tree fall on their car" or "F'n global warming, huh?". Not our finest.

Lunch decision time for me, was an easy one. There is one hard and fast rule that I've lived by for about two years now. If Tandoori chicken is available at the Indian bar, I jump on it immediately. It is that good and it is not available all that often. You add some broccoli, brown rice and a vegetable spring roll and you my friends have the perfect lunch. An unsweetened jasmine green tea rounded it out and I had a meal that Dr. Oz would approve.  

Lunch conversation stayed rather tame as neither of us was fired up enough or delirious enough from work. Again, a bit disappointing but maybe we are too aware of what we are saying because of this blog. This is an unforeseen development that will need to be addressed swiftly. I thought about making up some shit but that wouldn't be keeping it real, as the kids say nowadays. 

We managed to squeeze in some quick shopping after lunch and I secretly snapped this photo of Matt looking for some "healthy" snacks:

It is no understatement when I tell you Matt is obsessed with Acai. I think he read an article on it's benefits a few years ago and he will find it in anything. Add in the fact that it has dark chocolate and he is in heaven.

Of course, I have to admit I was eyeing up these:

I can't even imagine what we look like while we are walking up and down the aisles shopping together. We are so task driven and there isn't even an inkling of comedy involved.

Actually, if you were to imagine Vince Vaughn and Kevin James shopping for the healthiest protein bars (ideally 20 grams of protein and less than 12 sugars) in serious mode, you would have us nailed perfectly. Me as Vince Vaughn because of my billboard sized forehead (I like to think of it as "prominent") and permanently tired eyes and Matt as Kevin James because he could stand in for him on King of Queens and you would never know the difference.

Good times.



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