Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Party Hour

Matt's in da house!!! .......OK could not think of something more original to start things off so I went with it. 

Thanks John for the intro into the blogger world! I'm hoping to share with everyone (through words and as John mentioned hopefully a podcast real soon), how dedicated we are to our lunch hour. How it allows us to "air out" our frustrations being a part of the corporate cattle. It allows us to vent not only that days frustrations but many of the same things we already discussed the day before at lunch and the day before that. Yep, rehashing and rehashing our pet peeves is a big part of the "Party Hour" as I have now officially named it and how we cringe with some of the people we're forced to be around but also having that same passion for the things we love and can't stop doing that we share together...Wow, deep breath, maybe I should just start picking out my dress and writing our wedding vows cause that sounded so sweet I got a 14 cavities just writing it. 

As my first blog post to this awesome pilgrimage we're gonna take you on (great word huh "pilgrimage" and yes I had to look in the dictionary for another word for "journey" cause I hate when people say "it's been a great ride" or "it's been a great journey"), Stop it. 

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to tell you a little bit about John's "better half"................

I'm 43, Husband, Father, Italian Ginzaloo, originally from the Bronx, NY (hate the Yankees, figure that one out). With being Italian I like a lot of things that come with the nationality - Stallone, Rocky, DeNiro, Pacino, Rocky, The Godfather, Rocky and last but not least The Jersey Shore. Being on the cusp of 290 lbs (OK maybe closer to 300) and of course Italian, you would think I only know baked ziti and chicken parmesan, but that's not true, I have a warped sense of eating and my habits might make you say "huh?" This picture says it all:

Notice the veggie burger (w/cheese of course), potato bun which has 3 grams of fiber and about 110 calories and to top it off Heinz Organic Ketchup (no high fructose corn syrup), good so far right? Yeahhhh baby I'm like the picture of friggin Weight Watchers right! Now of course that's not good enough because I need to sneak in a piece of fried chicken with most (not all) of the skin taken off. 

I include a bad food with a really healthy food, so to me the healthy food wins and the meal is considered a healthy one (like having a cheeseburger w/fries on a whole wheat bun and a diet soda). I'll enjoy the meal and walk away thinking I just ate really good without any guilt. I can rationalize in my head that because I had steamed broccoli with a turkey sandwich that has bacon and mayo that I should be on the cover of "Men's Health" and doing a Juicer commercial at 3am. That's how my sick mind works and rationalizes that my lunch was a good chose. I know, I need help.  

Anyway, this is just a quick "How ya doin?" from me to let you know there's a lot more where this came from so just give us a chance cause I think these Two Guys at Lunch are funny f'ckers.

Later Peeps. Always wanted to say that!

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