Sunday, September 23, 2012

Me and the Whistler

Yes! We Are Back!

Thank you my “BFF" for bringing back what many of our fans have been waiting for, the lunch boys talking nothing but smack about the “winners” we see on a daily basis. When I say “Winners” (Or in my Bronx accent “Winnas”), I mean those shmo’s that have no reality of life and think that everything is about them. BTW, I have never used the acronym “BFF” ever.

Just to touch on a nerve for a second, in the Men’s room the other day (I know great way to kick things off), the happy go lucky dude who got in there just a step ahead of me whistled the entire session. He did his thing, whistled, walked over to the sink, whistled, put his just washed wet hands up to the little red light on the automatic paper towel dispenser, whistled, dried them off, whistled, took a quick look in the mirror to make sure he didn't have a hair out of place, smiled awkwardly to himself in the mirror to make sure he had no food in his teeth (that put a 5 second hold on the whistling) then walked out and picked up the whistling where he left off. 
Who whistles anymore in this life? Who?

I would love to know what happened to this shmo right before he came into the Men’s room to put him in such a chipper mood and decide I’m going to go into this little public room with my annoying whistling cause I’m so friggin happy today. Dope.

I will admit I was trying really hard to see if what he was whistling was at least a song I recognized but it wasn’t anything familiar that I could at least enjoy during my time spent in the same room with this “winna”. Even down to the whistling song he chose was selfish. Selfish in that it was all about him and a song only he knew that everyone else had to listen to. From now on buddy keep it to yourself, do your business and hold off on the whistling until you get home.  

Loving this blog like I love Sunday mornings during the NFL season.



  1. Hilarious, there's a guy in my office who whistles all day, at his desk....don't even know his name, we all refer to him as "The Whistler". His song of choice is almost always "Cocaine" by Eric Clapton. Classic.


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