Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Matt's top ten songs of all time

Matt here ...

Seeing that great picture John posted of Tony Robbins just got me thinking. No, not that he has some big a$$ teeth and maybe a hair transplant, but how it doesn’t matter who you are, or where you’re from, that there has not been a time where you were laying there all slouched on your couch, changing the channel, ready to pass out (after finishing a batch of salty pretzels and a vat of diet soda) but stopped when you heard him preaching some powerful message about changing your life overnight. All of a sudden you hear the “Rocky” theme song playing in your head and you’re ready for change!
OK, so what if that was me a few nights ago? Go ahead, have your laugh (Hold on - let me dust off the salt crystals that fell on my shirt right before I passed out in the middle of him telling me how to change my life in 3 short days). Glad I can give you that visual.

Tony Robbins is one example of the weird things that drive my mood and lead to the creation of my next CD masterpiece (and yes, a 10 min Tony Robbins clip made its way to one of my CD masterpieces that may have also included a song or two from “NSYNC” or yes one of my favorites “Frank Stallone”. I know, WTF!)

There is no telling what songs could end up on these insane mixtures of melodies that get me ready in the morning to tackle the world or a few ballads that make you reach for a Kleenex and want to stay in bed all day (now who doesn’t love “Careless Whisper”? - and yes, I do own a George Michael back-pack, so piss off!).

Every “DJ Matte B” (yes, that was my DJ name back in 1989) compilation CD consists of a bunch of really fast upbeat songs that range from current top 10 to 25 yrs. old.  These musical extravaganzas are as eclectic as it gets, so I challenge any one of you to top the examples below….

Here is an example of one of my CD masterpieces:

Sugar – Maroon 5
      Only the Young - Journey
These Days – Bon Jovi
Until I Find You Again – Richard Marx
Something Big - Shawn Mendes
Always on Time - Ja Rule and Ashanti
Love Never Felt So Good – Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake
Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway) – Billy Joel
Scream - Usher

Now, addressing John’s challenge. Very hard to do. Here is a quick stab at my top 10 (In no particular order):

My Way – Frank Sinatra
New York State of Mind – Billy Joel
I’ve Got the Power – Snap
If You Don't Know Me By Now - Simply Red
How Deep Is Your Love – Bee Gees
Looking For an Echo – Kenny Vance
Hotel California –Eagles
The Boys Are Back In Town - Thin Lizzy
Truly – Lionel Richie
Lose Yourself - Eminem

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