Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Two Pomegranates and a Guy

Matt here ...

Yes we are back!!! The Two Guys at Lunch duo is back in full force and ready to keep you posted on everything from Fage Yogurt to Kale Salad to Chicken Parm Pizza and Fantasy Sports. 

Most of the time we agree on our favorite foods and sports topics but for some things we have our own separate passions. One of John’s passions is water. Plain and simple, the guy loves it. Never see him without a water bottle. His daily consumption could fill one of those gas tanks you see on the New Jersey Turnpike.

Quite frankly it pisses me off because I have trouble getting down a sip of it without having to add some sweetener to it. I know, save your breath, water is the best, I get it.   

Now on to more exciting stuff. 

Let’s talk about one of my passions. Ahhh those big round juicy (hey!! get ya head outta da gutta) red beauties that come out every October. Yes, those red beauties are Pomegranates! Seeing them in stores brings a tear to my eye and an excitement like a 7 year old running to the tree on Christmas morning. Have them plain, in yogurt (Fage only of course), smoothies or on a salad and you are in business my friend. 

I saw them while John and I were browsing Wegmans for a few odds and ends (love that phrase). Once they caught my eye, everything slowed down and I immediately stopped listening to whatever he was saying. At that moment it was all about me and the POM’s (Remember, they must have the little POM sticker or don’t even bother). 

“Oh what beautiful pomegranates” I said out loud without any hesitation. Love was in the air! I grabbed two of those perfectly round beauts (hey!! I told ya, get ya head outta da gutta) and everything was good in my world.

If you need a little tip on the how to de-seed these powerful anti-oxidants, check out my 1 minute video that makes life a little easier when trying to get to the juicy red seeds.


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