Thursday, September 19, 2013

A BLK lunch

John here ...

So here's the routine:

I walk to Matt's desk without saying a word.

He gets up and we walk out of the building without a bit of kvetching.

We get in his car, close the doors and head out to Wegmans for lunch.

The second the car starts moving, we start chatting like two 13 year old girls and catch up on the others activities from the prior 24 hours.

We pull into the Wegmans parking lot, park in the same row, enter through the automatic doors and walk into heaven.

Once inside, we split up and never do we consult on our lunch options.

We each pay, head upstairs and reconvene at one of three tables that overlooks the fruit displays.

After sitting down, we each take a quick peek at what the other purchased, suffer some order envy and then dive in and gleefully chow down like it is our Last Supper.

This routine never really changes and we like it that way.

So today we are in our seats and just about ready to scarf down our turkey wrap and chicken parm respectively, when we both notice that without any prior discussions, we both purchased the exact same beverage. Not all that out of the ordinary normally, but this was downright bizarre. The beverage of choice was one neither of us had ever tried before but for reasons only the Lord can tell us, we both bought BLK water.

Matt with his:

And me with mine:

First off, yes we took these pics in clear view of numerous other diners but didn't give a rat's arse. This was too good not to capture on film.

Secondly, for those of you who watch the fascinatingly entertaining show Real Housewives of New Jersey, you know this is the product that is run by the Manzo boys and their uncle Chris Laurita. Matt and I could write a thesis on why this show represents the the universe in general but that is a story for another day (in fact, Matt promises a future post on why he wishes Chris Laurita was his uncle - and yes, it will not be creepy one bit).

We have talked in the past about finally trying this water but never talked about when we would do it. To have this occur at the same time was kismet. And let me tell you, the water was damn good. Refreshing and delicious and I was less affected by the black coloring than I thought I would be. I think we both know this will be a drink in our lunch repertoire for the foreseeable future.

But the best part of this BLK and Wegmans mash-up, is that the crew from the RHONJ will be at OUR Wegmans this Sunday promoting their new flavored BLK beverages. Are you friggin kidding me? If you tell me Joe Gorga will also be there, I may pass out. Matt and I are still working out our plan to stop by and stalk say "Hi" so more to come on that one.

To top off yet another fantastic lunch, Matt followed up with a tweet to the BLK gang and guess who responded?              
Pretty cool, eh?


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  1. You definitely have to go and see them when they come to your local Wegmans! The RHONJ crew visited my (awesome!) Wegmans in Fairfax, VA and I was so excited to see them. My only regret was not asking the Manzo boys if they were tempted to drop by the deli and play the "meat throwing" game...


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