Wednesday, November 6, 2013

For the love of Peanut Brittle

Matt here ...

Has your kid ever come home from school with one of those catalogs offering the most delicious looking chocolates? Sweets ranging from dark chocolate truffles to chocolate covered pretzels, cookies, gourmet hot chocolate and yes my all-time favorite, Peanut Brittle.

Ahhhhhh Peanut Brittle.

The kind where you run the risk of losing 3 teeth and detaching your gums right from the roof of your mouth. It really is one of my favorites and well worth the risk of requiring some serious dental work.

The problem with ordering from those catalogs is by the time you get your stuff, your kid is graduating from college. It's true. Recently, I came home from work and noticed a big box in the living room that just came in the mail. It was torn open with papers everywhere from the packaging but my eyes made it right to the box of gold. The Brittle. Our eyes made contact and for a moment everything just STOPPED (slight pause) and all I could hear is Etta James sing....."Attttt love has come along". For a moment it felt like it was just me and the Peanut Brittle alone in the room. The box I ordered from like 3 years ago had finally arrived.

So hear I am 18 days into counting Weight Watchers points and having to figure out how I am fitting in this sugary beast into my daily point allowance. There is no way I'm turning my back on this one.

Like most things on Weight Watchers you have to weigh your portions. I know, big pain in the ass. But if your gonna do it right you need a scale.

So, I break out the scale, tear open my new box of happiness and check to see how much of this brick with nuts (I said "brick") I can have.

3 points for this little niblet? Are you kidding me? Please look at that picture. Talk about portion control. This wouldn't satisfy a gnat.

So to make sure I don't have more then a fairy fly portion, I put them in 3 point Ziploc bags.

The next order I place is for the gourmet hot chocolate, that has to be lower in points, I think. 

Until next time.

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