Thursday, October 31, 2013

Food - It's a sick but tasty habit

Matt here ...

As John mentioned in his last post, we are incredibly excited to share with you all things food related. How it impacts our every move and why it's in our every thought. Well maybe not every thought, but every other thought. Food is the main ingredient in our "Bromance". Allow us to now take you into our culinary world where we will reveal all of our deep, dark secrets and bizarre habits we both share around one of life's greatest pleasures ... food.

The opening line to one of my favorite movies is "As far back as I could remember I always wanted to be a gangster". Don't know the movie? You're no friend of mine. Google it and get back to me.

Anyway, I can relate to that line since my life is kinda similar in that "As far back as I could remember I was always fat". Not big boned or husky or stocky, just plain fat. Plain and simple. No sugar coating allowed. I feel the need to keep it real or keep it to myself (I think I just made that line up).

Back in the summer of 2012 I lost 55 lbs. Big accomplishment. I was on top of the world. I did everything by the book and swore I would never go back to old habits.


1 year and 55 new "friends" later, all at about a pound each, and I was back to square one. Ugh, watta waste.

I "met" my 55 new friends due to some weird eating habits:
- Eating too many potato chips because the bag said "100% Whole Grain".
- Eating too many Edy's Ice Pops because they were "sugar free".
- Eating too much ice cream because it was "1/2 the fat".
- Eating too much dark chocolate covered Acai berries - dark chocolate and Acai is good for you, right?
- Eating one too many bowls of cereal because it had "Flax Seed"
- Drinking too much diet soda. Hey, it's diet right?
- Spending 30 minutes peeling a Pomegranate and following it up an hour later with a Ham and Cheese on Italian Bread (Hey it's OK, I had the Pomegranate earlier).

Now do you see the sick mentality I have?

On a positive note, today is day 13 on Weight Watchers for me and I am down 5 lbs so far. I'm back to logging points and weekly weigh-ins. It's tough, but so is pushing past XXL.

The one thing I would say will never end, is the obsession I have with needing food for the long ride home from work. I pack it religiously every day as it is my security blanket. For example, today was an apple and Chobani Yogurt with of course ... wait for it ... wait for it ... POMEGRANATES!

I'll continue to monitor my successes and failures here and even share some of my absolutely amazing tips. 

Let's do this.



  1. You can do it! I love your thought process, surely you arent alone! xo

  2. As you well know, sad but true, there are many of us out there whose "friends" have not only returned but also spawned others.........good luck on your the Tortoise and the Rabbit- slow and steady wins the race as long as the prize isn't a Mills crumb bun or something equally evil.


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